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Dr Browns Electric Steam Sterilizer Review

Dr Browns Electric Steam Sterilizer

Washing is not enough. Baby equipment should be after washing, the final process that must be done is sterilization. Sterilization aims to paralyze the germs and bacteria that baby equipment is safe to use. Dr. Brown’s presenting accessories such as sterilizer. The advantages of this sterilizer bottle placement in the right place so that the inside of the bottle tersteril perfect.

The Dr. Brown’s Deluxe baby Bottle Sterilizer safely steam sterilizes six bottles in 12 minutes for your convenience. The easy-to-use one-button operation makes it simple to quickly sterilize baby bottles. A removable basket perfectly holds all the bottles in a position for steam to directly reach inside each bottle. The accessory tray holds small items, such as breast pump parts, nipples and pacifiers, so you can conveniently clean all of your baby items at once. Tongs are included for you to grab the bottles out of the removable tray once they are finished being sterilized. Quickly sterilize all your baby items in just 12 minutes with this bottle sterilizer. Use only distilled water inside the unit. If distilled water is not used, over time mineral deposits can build up on the heating element and can flake off.

Specification Dr Browns Electric Steam Sterilizer

  1. Capacity 6 bottles
  2. The sterilization process takes 12 minutes
  3. The use is easy and safe, there is only one button
  4. Size: 35.6 x 25.4 x 33.02


What you get

You will get Sterilizer equipped with a basket, tray and bottle tongs


Price Of Dr Browns Electric Steam Sterilizer

Dr Browns Sterilizer available in stores at prices ranging from $ 120-150


Image of Dr Browns Electric Steam Sterilizer

Below is image detail of Browns Electric Steam Sterilizer


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