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What Kind of Baby Sterilizer Equipment ? You must know

What Kind of Baby Sterilizer Equipment

Couples first time to have a baby, often worry about how to sterilize baby bottles is actually very simple. You can buy special baby milk bottle sterilizer or utilize existing equipment in the home. Before using, wipe first sterilization equipment whatsoever with warm water mixed with liquid dish soap. Use a soft bristled brush specifically for baby bottles so as not to damage it.

Here are some of the methods and means of sterilizing baby bottles that you can choose:

Electric Steamer

 Kind of Baby Sterilizer Equipment

Electric Steamer available in the baby store. This tool is one of the most desirable to sterilize baby bottles. With this tool, you can sterilize baby bottles at once six in just five minutes, depending on the capacity of the tool.

  1. Fill the bottom of the evaporator with cold water to taste. Read the instruction use to determine the exact number of baby bottles can be accommodated. In general, six to sterilize baby bottles, about 200ml of water is required.
  2. Place the bottle in the sterilizer. To be part of it exposed to the hot steam from the bottom of the appliance, put the baby bottles and teats in prone position.
  3. Cover tightly sterilizer. Cracks will make the slightest slip out of steam so that the efficiency of the sterilization process in it is reduced.
  4. Turn on the evaporator and leave for the time recommended in the manufacturer’s instructions, usually about 5-10 minutes. When finished, do not immediately put out of bottles and teats because it is still very hot.
  5. During the lid has not been opened, you can keep bottles and teats in a vaporizer to six hours. Conversely, once the lid has been opened, bottles and teats should be reassembled in order to prevent contamination in it.

Microwave Steamer

 Kind of Baby Sterilizer Equipment

How it works microwave Steamer is very similar to the way electronic steamer. The difference, microwave Steamer basically utilizing ordinary kitchen appliance to heat water and create a steamy environment. Use this method as a way to wear an electronic Steamer, by putting bottles and teats baby face down on top of the Steamer before putting it in the microwave. Directly replace the milk bottle after removing it from the microwave. Read care instructions supplies eat / drink for your baby to determine compliance with these methods.

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